Exactly what have we done to make cloth diapering simple  for you?  

                •chosen quality, cost effective cloth diapers 
                    + we love bamboo diapers in only 2 sizes but we also show you the many textiles and styles available for yout baby's bottom

                •streamlined the amount of cloth diaper accessories needed 
                    + we won't let you buy more than you need

                •found an easy & sanitary way to launder cloth diapers at home 
                    + the frugal way to get fresh, clean diapers

                •secured product discounts & free shipping offers for your online shopping experience 
                    + you will enjoy the diversity of  products & services of the online site we chose for your shopping experience

                    •free classes
                            +check our schedule and register for a free cloth diapering class

    How do I get started?

                •take a free class with Baby Bongos
                •browse the Baby Bongos site to learn more about cloth diapers
                •connect to informative cloth diapering links via Baby Bongos' links page
                •join us on face book to connect with cloth diapering moms and dads in WNY

Curious about cloth?  

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