why cloth?

                •healthy for baby because cloth diapers are natural, gentle on skin & free of toxins 

                •environmentally friendly because they decrease the amount of toxins & waste in our landfills

                •smart for your wallet because they cost  less than paper diapers

                •fun to use because, well, you'll have to try for yourself!

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    why bamboo cloth?

                •more absorbant & breathable than cotton

                •extremely soft & comfy for baby's bottom 

                •sustainable resource & grown without pesticides

                •naturally antibacterial

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        not drawn to bamboo cloth?                          

                •no worries! we connect you to natural cotton diapers, too!

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                    •and don't forget about hemp diapers!

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        not sure what style of diaper to choose?               

                •we love fitted diapers, but you guessed it...we connect you to all styles of diapers!

                +read about the many cloth diaper styles at diaperjungle.com in a cute cartoon style
                            or at  diaperjungle.com in a chart format.

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