Swap'n'Sells in Buffalo, NY

Join any of our Swap n Sell facebook groups  

& enjoy the Art of

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling  
in Western New York

Requirements to join:

(1) You are Local 

•You live in Buffalo or the surrounding suburbs

•You live in Erie, Niagara, or Cattaragus County

• If you live in Chatauqua, Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming, or

Allegany County, you may join but be aware you may have to
travel to meet up or pay for shipping if you are buying or

(2) You Join the groups that fit your buy/sell theme

•See the theme descriptions, below

(3) Read each group's "ABOUT" before you join

Ways to join: Free or Fee?

(1) Free  

•Have a facebook friend add you to the group(s)

(2) $Fee

•Request to join the group 

•Pay the one-time, non-refundable, Swap'n'Sell fee using the paypal button

•A paypal account is not necessary to use the paypal button  

•Note your facebook name in the comment box.  This will identify the facebook 

request to be approved for group membership.

•$Thank you for your payment$. 
Both the Admin and the group members are diligent with keeping our group free from spam, non-reliable members, and inappropriate conduct with language and pictures.  Members who are offensive or choose to not follow the conduct rules are removed from the group.  Enjoy buying and selling, here.

Items for ages infant-5 years old
Sizes for infant-5T
Note: No items or accessories for Moms

Items for ages 6-19 years old
Sizes for 6T-Youth, Juniors
Note: No items or gear for under age 6

Items for ages of Moms!
Sizes for Moms!
Note: No items or gear for Kids 

Items for garage sales, womens & men's clothes, household items, cars, furniture, etc
Note: No items or gear for Kids or Teens

After you pay, message Mary Jo Giufre via facebook.  She will verify your membership to the group.  Thank you.