Here is our recommended, complete & frugal shopping list.  Try to stick to it, but we know that 
we can't control what you buy once you get to the shopping site... Cloth diaper shopping 
can become a little too much fun!

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30 Bamboozle fitted diapers size 1
25 Bamboozle fitted diapers size 2
6 Prowrap diaper covers size small
6 Prowrap diaper covers size large
3 packs osocozy cotton wipes to use as diaper liners  (15 per pack)
1 pack Bumkins bamboo inserts for over night (3 per  pack)

3 packs osocozy organic wipes (15 each pack)
1 Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion (Order more after you test on baby's bottom!  You want the right brand before you invest!)
1 Bum Genius bottom spray (Here is another gentle brand to try, but does not carry this.  Go to the to order this item)

2 Bum Genius white diaper pail liners

1 Large diaper pail ( does not carry this item.  We suggest an inexpensive diaper pail or a garbage can with a foot lever to open the lid.  The Cosco brand in great.  It has a holder in the lid for a deodorizer.  We suggest a cloth wipe with essential oil drops on it, opposed to a manufactured deodorizer.  The Cosco brand is on the small side though, so you may  need 2.  This small size is great if you have 2 diaper changing locations in your home.  Here is a link to the Cosco brand at Sears.)

Note: Store your clean cloth diapers in any diaper caddy, hanging bag that matched the nursery set, basket, etc.

1 case of Arm & Hammer Essentials Free laundry detergent ( does not carry this detergent.  We suggest for a frugal purchase.)
Home made scentless laundry soap from the Simple Soap Company called Bare Naked
Choose your favorite detergent from the Diaper Jungle's detergent rating list!

White vinegar.  Purchase at your local grocery store!

Nellie's laundry balls (2 per pack) ( does not carry this product.  We suggest looking in your local grocery store or visiting or

1 Laundry ball with from the Miracle Soap company

1 Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag / small (for a short day trip)
1 Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag / medium (for a long day trip)
1 Bummis Bio soft disposable liners (for a day trip where you may not be near a toilet at all times)

Note:  For your long term vacation trips, if you have access to a washer & dryer, bring your regular cloth diaper supplies & diaper pail.  If not, treat your little one to "green" disposable diapers such as 7th Generation or Earth's Best Baby brands at .


Bummis Swimmi swimsuits (Choose one for baby's first summer in diapers and one for baby's second summer in diapers.  If you are a beach or pool family, purchase at least 2 pairs per summer.  We are always in the water, so we have 3 pairs per summer!)

7 Training pants  (Baby Bongos is truly in favor of skipping the training pants and using the 3 day  potty training method.  It worked very well for our son.  Actually we skipped the training pants and went straight to undies.  He was using the potty at daycare on day 4!)

While shopping remember that not only are you greening up your world, but you are also saving money!
   • disposable diapers & wipes for 3 years : $3,000
   • green disposable diapers & wipes for 3 years : $3,400

Cloth diapering beats these costs, leads to earlier potty training, decreases you ecological footprint, ensures that no toxins are on your baby's bottom...and it's fun!

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