renting diapers

Why rent gently used cloth diapers?
    •try different styles (pockets, fitteds, prefolds) to see which you prefer to invest in
Why rent gently used cloth potty training pants?
    •training pants are used for a short period of time and you need many of them!  
    •If you are interested......there is a 3 day program for potty training that skips the training pants and goes directly to undies.  We did that with our son at 2 1/2!  If you wish to try this avenue, us the  20% off code "babybongos" at to download the book.  

How long are the rental agreements?
    •2 weeks
What does the rental package include?
    •10 gently used diapers (and 3 covers for fitteds or prefolds)
    •one travel wet bag 
    •one diaper friendly detergent sample
    •7 training pants
     •one diaper friendly detergent sample

What is the cost?
   •Down payment of $150.00
   • $8.00 per week rental fee, for the first 4 weeks
   • $3.50 per week rental fee for the next 4 weeks
   • $3.00 per week up to one year.  After one year the contract is renewed and the cost remains at $3.00 per week.
   • Refund of $150 upon return of the supplies in good condition
   • Full retail value of any damaged diapers is deducted from the $150 downpayment.  

Guidelines to use, wash, and maintain the diapers are included in your rental package.

How do I get started?
   •Email: or call:716-860-1488