Welcome to Buffalo's 1st Real Diaper Circle
created 10/2010

The Real Diaper Circle of Buffalo is a branch of the national non-profit cloth diaper association called the Real Diaper Association
The purpose of a Real Diaper Circle it to improve diaper awareness in your community.

Experienced cloth diapering families or cloth curious families are welcome.

Meeting Schedule.

mission statement:
We, as local cloth diapering advocates and awareness promoters, are resource managers for cloth curious families in Western New York.   Our passion for the health and wellness of Western NY's babies and for our environment leads us to share our knowledge, skills, enthusiasm, and energy with our community members, organizations, and businesses.

actions statement:

•We find and try new ways to increase cloth diaper awareness in Western New York.
•We connect families to a resource manager that meets their needs.
•We answer cloth diapering questions from both personal experiences and research.
•We refer families to local cloth diaper classes, businesses & cloth friendly day care centers.
•We actively seek new organizations, businesses and day care centers interested in promoting cloth diapers.
•We promote, provide and partake in networking between WNY's cloth diapering families.
•We talk about the benefits of cloth diapering while out and about in our communities.
•We participate in ongoing local events.
•We create local events to promote cloth diapers and baby's health & wellness.
•We link cloth curious families to national and global cloth diapering resource websites.
•We  fundraise to support our work in the community.
•We attend 2-6 meetings per year to support progressive cloth diaper awareness in WNY

structural build:

Circle Center:  Moms & Dads who are the volunteer resource managers and heart of Buffalo's Real Diaper Circle.

•Circle Ring 1: Individuals or families that attend a Diaper Circle Meeting.  
All are welcome : )  The Diaper Circle exists to meet the community's cloth diapering needs and to demystify the cloth diapering process.  Come join the fun one or many times...it's always a play date for the kids, too.  See you there! 

Circle Ring 2:  Cloth diaper businesses and services in Western NY.

Circle Ring 3: Cloth diaper friendly day care centers in Western NY.

Circle Ring 4: Businesses and organizations that support cloth diapering in Western NY by housing free cloth diaper classes, providing flyers, business cards, promotions or website links.

Option to become a Resource Manger for the Buffalo Real Cloth Diaper Circle:

Join Buffalo's first Real Diaper Circle and become a Circle Center Mom, Dad, or Advocate. 

Email Mary Jo at mj@babybongos.com to become a resource manager for Buffalo's 1st Real Diaper Circle.   Then join our facebook resource manager group: Real Diaper Circle/Buffalo NY/Baby Bongos.  

Contact us to request that your organization, business or day care center be listed in one of the Real Diaper Circle Rings.

There are no fees attached to becoming a resource manager.  It is a voluntary position.

Option to join the Real Diaper Association at the National Level:

Please enjoy a visit to Real Diaper Association website.  
You can support cloth diapering on a national level by joining the Real Diaper Association for at tax deductible donation.  

National Level Membership is not required to become a resource manager for Buffalo's first Real Diaper Circle.