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alternative health care centers

Niagara Falls, NY

Journey II Health truly offers, as they say, "An atmoshpere of healing intentions."  
You can only enjoy a visit with them : )  
Journey is a peaceful center filled with healthy and life lifting services. My personal favorite is the foot detox.

book store

Orchard Park, NY

More that just books....birthday parties, classes, events, toys right in the store for the little ones to play with!

chiropractic care

Hamburg, NY

Dr. Bulger's practice is located in a fitness center in Hamburg. She is focused on preventative health care and rehabilitative excercises 
as well as spinal adjustments. She uses the Graston technique among many others. Visit her site for a more information.

Amherst NY

Baby Bongos thanks Dr. Tammy for working with our son regarding his frequent ear infections. No tubes for him, now!  
Inner Balance Chiropractors work with people of all ages, from infants to seniors, for preventative health maintance to 
injury care and even with pregnant moms!  
The benefits of this gentle NUCCA practice are endless.  


Kenmore, NY

Locally made cloth diapers, kids clothes, maternity clothes.

This franchise buys your items upfront. 10% of the store is new items. We bought our toddler bed there...new!

Buffalo, NY

Clothes and accessories for newborn to 5T. New items, too!

energy awareness 

Serving Western NY

Baby Bongs is a client of Feng Shui your world.  Learn the ancient art of how energy and colors can enhance 
your home, professional, and personal life. Also, you can sell or buy your new home with Linda, as she is a 
licensed Hunt real estate agent.


food & water

East Aurora, NY

Coop representatives are at the East Aurora Farmers Market. Pick up a seed member application while you are there!  

Elba, NY

Buy local, organic fruit and vegetables for less than your local grocery store. 
Become a CSA member at Porter Farms.  There are 18 pick-up locations in Western NY.
These farm fresh vegetables taste like...............farm fresh vegetables!  Mmmmmm.

Clarence, NY 

Baby Bongos is a customer of Watercure USA for RO drinking water and softened home water.  
It is great for skin of all ages & of course for washing cloth diapers.  
Also less shampoo, soaps & detergents are used when your water is softened.  
Learn the science behind the softening.  Contact Watercure for an in-home consultation.  
They will test your water and show you what is in it.  
We resolved our infant son's eczema with a full home water softening system.  Thank you, Water Cures USA!

health & beauty

Laurie Markowski, LMT

Orchard Park, NY

More than just massage, Laurie can treat your senses to Rainbow Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, and Sugaring.  See more services on her website.

Simple Soap Company

East Aurora Coop, East Aurora, NY

The "Naked" soap is great for cloth diapers.

Willimasville, NY

Baby Bongos is a customer of  Sugar Body.  They provide a natural alternative to waxing & other healthy solutions.  
Their newest addition to their services is all natural tanning....great for those who love a tan, but not the dangers of 
being in the sun for too long.  You have to experience the ease of sugaring too see how great it is compared to traditional waxing.  And it's not just for women!


pre & postnatal care

Lancaster, NY

Visit Baby Sweet Beginnings for your lactation consults, breast pumps and baby related questions.
A mixture of classes such as 
cloth diapers, prenatal yoga, Mom and baby yoga, Mommy and me, 
childbirth education and infant massage can fill up your 
calendar with fun in no time! Stop in and say hello. You are always welcome!

Tara Withey provides Christian childbirth education and doula services.

Amherst, NY

The Care Connection is the 
hub of information, resources and products 
nursing Moms in the Buffalo area.  
They also 
provides a 
variety of baby & mom related classes 
such as 
return to work/pump for success, baby massage, 
infant/child CPR & baby signs, and 
the Happiest Baby.

Natural child birth classes; connect to local healthy food sources; read great birth stories

Williamsville, NY

Khristeena Kingsley, CNM, CPM, WHNP
Khristeena is a midwife and women's health nurse practitioner specializing in holistic well-woman care, homebirth, Mayan Abdominal Massage, and Holistic Pelvic Care. She is in private practice in Williamsville and can be reached at 474-2816.

Journey Through Birth
Sherri is a new doula for WNY mama's looking for that "other" special someone to support them during labor and delivery ; )

Buffalo, NY

Interested in a home. natural, or water birth?    Looking for a midwife or doula?  Search no farther...you've found the link you've been waiting for.  Enjoy...naturally : )


Holistic Parents Group!
Amherst, NY

Discussions in March, June, September, and December are sponsored by Inner Balance Chiropractic.  
Meeting locations vary.  

Topics include an array of health & wellness topics such as 
preventative health care methods, 
vaccinations, nutrition, natural child birth, chiropractic care and perscription drugs.

For a schedule of FREE meetings, CALL 716-210-1060 and ask for Dr. Tammy Bialek-Lehrer

toy store

variety. green products


East Aurora, NY

Take a indoor or outdoor family yoga class or schedule a private family yoga session with area mom, Molly.  
Her yoga classes inspire 
not only your body, but your imagination as well!
Some of the themed yoga classes for kids and their parents are a journey to the beach, zoo, and the jungle!
Visit Molly's site for related services such as meditation, essential oils and natural products.

Williamsville, NY

Baby Bongos is a student of Rising Sun Yoga.  They offer a rich & diverse selection of classes & styles.  
Rising Sun also offers classes related to music, dance and health & wellness.   
Visit their site to see ongoing classes and special events for this month.  Baby Bongos's free cloth classes are at Rising Sun Yoga, 
so a free tour of the studio is in order after class : )

Curious about cloth?  

We consult & educate.

 Enjoy shopping discount codes 
&  free shipping offers.
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