laundering at home


It's simple, sanitary, and makes cents


    •cold wash/cold rinse

    •cloth diaper friendly detergent with no dyes or parfumes (We use Arm & Hammer Essentials Free  or Bare Naked homemade laundry soap from the Simple Soap Company.)

    NOTE: soft water is suggested via a water system but not necessary 

    NOTE: a wash ball helps to agitate the diapers


    •hot wash/cold rinse

    •1/4 - 1/2 cup white vinegar

3. DRY

    •option 1: line dry/drying rack

    •option 2: normal drying cylce

    NOTE: Nellie's dryer balls are suggested for a shorter drying cycle.  You can also find dryer balls in your local grocery store.

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Would you like to research other cloth diaper friendly detergents?  
Baby Bongos recommends 
for a thorough rating chart of detergents.

Baby Bongos chooses Arm & Hammer Essential Free 

for their trusted cloth diaper detergent.

Purchasing by the case at 

is the best way to keep costs down.

Did you know that 

even if you do NOT launder your  own diapers at home, 

you should always clean your 

washing machine!

Here is a link to our favorite informational site 

regarding washing machine care.


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