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1.    Will cloth diapers make my home have that awful dirty diaper odor?

Don't worry, the answer is no.  All you need is a diaper pail and a cloth diaper pail liner.  The solid waste from baby's diaper is flushed, so only the wet diaper is stored.   If you are very sensitive to odors and dislike opening the diaper pail because of this, there is a further option.  Some cloth diaper pail liners have a built in piece of material where you can place a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  Tea tree or lavender is recommended.   

2.    Am I going to save money if I decide to use cloth diapers?

Yes, you will.  This is a great feature of going green with diapering.  The total cost of using brand name disposable paper diapers along with disposable paper wipes is any where from $2,200 to $2,500.  The cost goes up to around $3,500 if you purchase chlorine free or natural diapers from green companies.  The total cost of using cloth diapers along with cloth wipes is any where from $500 to $1,400 depending on the style of diaper you choose.  That is at least a $1,100 savings.   I know this from experience...I paper diapered my first son and am cloth diapering my second.  My wallet likes me much better this time around.  Also, not investing in  diaper rash cremes will save even more money.

3.    Why use cloth diapers? 

Environmental Reasons:  Cloth diapers do not add solid or paper waste to our landfills.  One baby uses approximately 7,665 diapers.   That is a lot of garbage for one baby, not to mention the paper wipes that go in the trash with the diapers.

Health Reasons:  Cloth diapers do not contain dioxin, polyethylene plastic, glue, dyes, perfumes, or the absorbent chemical sodium polyacrylate.  Sodium polyacrylate is the the gel you find on your baby's bottom when changing a wet diaper.  Also. cloth diapered babies do not suffer from rashes.

Financial Reasons:  Cloth diapering saves  you money.  $price comparisons$

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Here is another  great resource comparing cloth & paper diapers:

4.    What do I do with my baby's cloth diapers when we are finished with them?

You can....... save them for your next baby • hand them down to friends or family • use them as cleaning cloths • donate them: has donation information for an orphanage in Haiti  or donate to an American national non-profit organization called • Donate to the coast to help clean up the wildlife effected by the BP oil spill  through FuzziBunz • see pointers on reselling on • resell at,, or 

5.    Do cloth diapers cause diaper rash?

Actually, cloth diapers are recommended for babies with sensitive bottoms.  Rashes are rare with cloth because the material "breathes" while paper diapers do not.  You will also save money with cloth diapers because diaper rash creme will not be needed!

6.    Is potty training effected?

Yes, potty training is effected.  Research shows that cloth diapered toddlers train earlier.  They know when they are wet and they know they don't want to be!
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7.    How often do I change my baby's cloth diapers?

As often as paper diapers....every 2 hours is the general recommendation.

8.    How do I travel or take day trips with cloth diapers?


Pack for short-term travel ease



•Pack diapers, liners & covers in a reusable bag of your choice & place inside diaper bag

•Use disposable liners if you do not have access to a toilet for flushing waste



•Pack wipes & cleaning spray in diaper bag           


•Flush or dispose of solid waste

•Place soiled diapers & wipes in specially designed wet bag




Pack for long-term travel ease



•Pack diapers, liners & covers inside diaper pail liner bag and place inside diaper pail



•Pack wipes & cleaning spray in diaper bag           


•Bring diaper pail, 2 pail liners and 1 wet bag



•Ensure that your travel site has a washer & dryer or a local laundry mat

•Bring laundry detergent or purchase upon arrival if you can easily find that brand in stores

•Purchase white vinegar upon arrival to travel site


9.    Do I have to use diaper pins?

Diaper pins are cute in ads and on shower invitations, but they are now outdated.  Cloth diapers have velcro, snaps, or snappie fastenters. They are easy to use and always safe.  

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