Baby Bongos We have been lucky so far and love our Arm and Hammer Essentials Free!
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         Catherine Daniels Loncar We are doing well with Crunchy Clean for our diapers! They make both a regular and diaper detergent.

The only thing is that I wish the regular detergent took the smell out of the burp clothes a bit better. We obviously use their regular detergent for these and I feel like they always smell like spit up. I may try another detergent on our regular baby clothes to see if I can get that sour milk smell out. 
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         Andrea Stoos McCarthy I always have people asking me about using Dreft on their diapers... BAD, BAD, BAD idea! I finally found out why it's not recommended to use on diapers (and really not the greatest for baby's clothes either). It has fragrance in it. That can definately ruin cloth diapers in a hurry. Here is a link with all the ingredients:

We were having an issue with a strong ammonia smell with any diaper my daughter wore at night. We found the best to help remedy that and get rid of the smell COMPLETELY was Rockin' Green's funk rock formula. We LOVE IT! I would highly recommend in, and not just for ammonia smell. I wouldn't be surprised if it helped with the sour milk smell that Catherine was talking about. I'd give it a try! Baby Bongos can tell you where to get your hands on some!
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         Catherine Daniels Loncar I have heard great things about Rockin Green. That's a good idea to try it on my burp cloths. 
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         Melissa Sciera Stocki I am a HUGE supporter of Rockin' Green. I have tried many different detergents over the past 3 years and this one has been the best. Classic Rock works best for our area. My routine is:

-Cold pre-wash/short wash cycle with NO detergent
-Hot soak for 2 hours with 3 scoops of Rockin' Green
-Without draining the water, run a hot wash/cold rinse cycle on the longest setting with extra rinse
-Cold wash/cold rinse on a short wash time with NO detergent(just as an extra precaution to make sure everything is rinsed....probably unnecessary but after all my trials...I'm a bit jaded)

That's it. I put everything in the dryer unless it's nice enough to line dry.

Since I've adopted this routine, I've had zero stink issues. I Rockin' Green

I have used, without success: Tide, A&H Sensitive, Planet, and Charlie's Soap.
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         Baby Bongos We have a full home water softening system. This kind of water cleans laundry with a teaspoon of detergent and washes differently than hard water. Your water type will determine your choice of detergent and your method of cycles and water temps. We prewash cold with detergent and hot wash/cold rinse with vinegar.
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         Catherine Daniels Loncar I have used BG OS for four months now and have only used Crunchy Clean on them. Never an issue. Switched to Rockin Green last week because everyone raved about it. Now I am having leak issues :( I feel like it must be that because it seems like a coincidence that they would just start doing that now. I put some water on an insert and it beaded up so I think I have to strip them now. 

Anyone have a good remedy that is QUICK? 
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         Baby Bongos Now we are using "Bare Naked" powder sopa, made by a local company, Simple Soap Company. You can find them on Etsy or visit them at the East Aurora Coop. It smells like nothing, as so do my diapers....just the way I like it! Fresh and clean : ) about 7 months ago · · Report · Delete Post         


         Jennifer Montour I've used Tide regular, Charlie's, All free and clear, Rockin' Green, Tide regular and Bumgenius all in that order :) I did ok with tide, that was when i just started using cloth. Then I learned Tide was a no no so i bought Charlie's. I didn't really care for it. Then I thought I'd try some All, that worked fine but in the back of my mind i still knew it was a no no. Thats where my nightmare with Rockin' Green begins... I ordered hard rock for my hard country water. Rocked a soak and was very impressed. I was using their enormous wooden scoop that easily held 2 tbsps! Though at the time they told me it held 1 tbsp. So I was screwed from the get go. I immediately was having ammonia issues, to the point of bleeding burns in my screaming and crying sons diaper :( I was reassured by Kim that I just needed to change my routine and add more rinses even though I was doing more than enough. I was in contact with Kim on a weekly basis it seemed with no change in my diapers. My boyfriend was fed up with our diapers because they were hurting our son. I was adding bleach beyond the recommended monthly treatment. Still ammonia. Then the hard rock recall happened, Kim set me up as a tester for hard rock 2.0, it was ok i guess but we still had issues. Finally we had enough and stripped our diapers of all the rockin' green and switched back to tide since I never had ammonia when I used Tide. Finally a few months later I found and fell in love with Bumgenius detergent! Countrysave makes it, and we haven't really had trouble since. Well except when I used my moms washer LOL. But that my experiences with detergents :) I found that a couple of my very first bumgenius 3.0 pockets had some pul issues. I ended up tossing them isnce the leaked through. I figure it was from the tide use in the beginning? Or the many washings they went through due to my low stash at that time. Who knows? 
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         Jennifer Montour Catherine, what do you mean by quick? I'd suggest stripping with bleach and original blue dawn. Cottonbabies has more info on their site. I used to just do hot wash after hot wash with no soaps to try and get the gunk out. I'm anti Rockin' Green lol so I'd tell you to go back to what worked before :) Do you use microfiber inserts? I've been told that just because you put water dropped on an insert and it sits there doesn't necessarily mean they don't absorb. They say the pressure of a baby's bottom on top of it will help make it absorb. I hope you figure it out though, I know how frustrating it can be.
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         Baby Bongos I have never "stripped" diapers but I am a fan of vinegar and baking soda to clean everything : ). Here are 3 ways I know of to strip diapers but have not tried for that particular reason....(1) Prewash cold with NO detergent. Wash on hot with NO detergent. Dry. Finished. (2) Prewash cold with 1 cup vinegar. Wash on hot with NO detergent. Dry. Finished. (3) Prewash cold with 1/2 cup baking soda. Wash on hot with NO detergent. Dry. Finished. Try one, try all. 

I hope your diapers are save-able and it sounds like you should go back to Crunchy Clean after all of this! 

If you live near East Aurora, go there on Saturday to the Coop and try their Bare Naked homemade soap. I love it. That may help the stripping, too. 

Here is a stripping site (for diapers!) that I found. I am not a fan of trying the harsh products, though. A good detergent shouldn't bring you to this crisis with your diapers! So sorry you are going through this! about 7 months ago · · Report · Delete Post         


         Jennifer Montour Baby Bongos, what type of diapers do you use? I'm just wondering because I've always been told to never use vinegar or baking soda on my bumgenius diapers. But people had told me to use vinegar when I was having the ammonia issues. I just wonder how it all works?... 

And I agree, a good detergent that works for you is hard to find so stick with what you know works. 
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         Catherine Daniels Loncar Thank you. I went the Dawn route with a little bleach. On my fourth rinse right now and I'm hoping we are okay. I'm definitely going back to Crunchy Clean!
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         Baby Bongos Jennifer, I use Bamboozle by Tots Bots. So many materials (cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool), so many cleaning products! I always think of the fact that most cleaning comes from agitation and wonder if we really need that much detergent, anyway. Hmmm......
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         Danielle Nixon Fleckenstein Jennifer, I could have written your story about Rockin Green! I switched from Seventh Generation for my Bumgenius (a no no ;) and switched to RnG when I smelled ammonia. Rockin Green caused blistery burns on my son :( I was also in contact with Kim for a while and she recommended many different tings... but they didn't work and we continued to give our poor son blisters over and over (okay, 3 times, but that way more than enough). Kim tried to convince us that it was either ammonia burn, or all of the bad stuff we used (7th Generation) coming to the surface of the diapers (because RnG is just that amazing) and causing the problem. I wanted RnG to be teh answer to the ammonia stink so we treid everything she suggested. We finally came to realization that it was in fact RnG that was causing the burns and blisters :( I am not a fan.
We stripped with dawn and bleach and what seems like a million rinses and went back to the 7th Generation and all is well with the diapers! I use 1/4 cup bleach once a month and I haven't had to strip them again.

I do know many people who have had great success with RnG though :) And I can say that after using it the ammonia smell was gone from my diapers, though we couldn't put them on our son!

If you check out the Bumgenius facebook page they just had a post that explains why we shouldn't use vinegar and baking soda with them :)
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         Jennifer Montour I'm glad well not really glad but it's nice to know I wasn't alone. It seems like the bad reviews are hidden amongst emails with Kim herself. I with out a doubt believe it was the rng that caused our ammonia problems to the point of bleeding burns. A wash routine shouldn't consist of a million washes or agents other than a little detergent. I agree that agitation is key, as well as how big or small your load is. I use a top loader and I find it works the best. 

I've been reading that BumGenius post all day lol. Very interesting to see everyone's routines and how they differ. I guess what ever works for a family. I'm upgrading to some bg 4.0's and intend to replace my whole stash. I'm pretty certain they'll last a lot longer than my first bg's, as now I'm in my diaper groove so to speak and I know how to take care of them. Bleach won't touch my pockets. But I may bleach my microfiber once in a great while. 
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         Catherine Daniels Loncar I just wanted to post an update - mostly to be fair to Rocking Green. I did strip my diapers and we actually still had a few leaks. I then finally realized that my chunker of a baby needed to move to the bigger size. So, I moved him to the middle snap and made the insert bigger and we have been okay during the day. At night, I ordered a wool cover and hemp liners because we were still having some leakage. We are now doing fine without any leaks. So far so good!

I still have no way of knowing if maybe the rocking green had partially to do with this problem. My gut feeling is that it did. I think it was a combination of needing a bigger size and the rocking green. 

We have since gone back to Crunchy Clean and are just using the Rocking Green for his clothes. 

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         Ashley Kish i'm going back to using country save after i run out of RNG 
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