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to cloth diaper your little one.

Do you know of any 
Western New York Day Care Centers 
that welcome cloth diapers?

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Western New York Day Care Centers that welcome your baby's cloth diapers:

Amherst:             ______________

Buffalo:                ______________

Clarence:             ______________

Lancaster:          ______________

Tonawanda:     ______________

West Seneca:     ______________

Regarding the Day Care Centers listed above:

1.     Any views, opinions or links presented on this website do not necessarily represent those of the Day Care Centers listed above.

2.     Financial reciprocations are not shared between Baby Bongos and the Day Care Centers listed above.  Each business communicates with and/or promotes the other freely and without fees.      

3.     Baby Bongos and/or the Day Care Centers listed above are entitled to terminate their reciprocal communications & promotions at any time, for any reason.   Each business is to communicate this decision to the other so that the termination may be put into effect immediately.

4.    Baby Bongos visits, works with, and lists the above Day Care Centers in order to to provide cloth diapering families with a list of quality options for local day care centers.  

5.    For more information on the above listed day care centers, parents or guardians are to contact the centers.  

Take a look at the National List of Daycare Centers as compiled by the Real Diaper Association.  

Would you like to actively participate in finding 

cloth diapering day care centers?

Ask your daycare if they support cloth diapers!  

Let's work together to find more Western New York Day Care Centers to add to the National List to show that NY Day Care Centers support health conscious, green & financially savvy families. 

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NY State Day Care Guidelines:

*Diapering excerpt from:

        Sub Part 418-1: Day Care Centers 

            418-1.11 Health and Infection Control

                (p) The provider must use disposable diapers or arrange with the parent(s) or a commercial diaper service to provide an adequate supply of cloth diapers.


        (1) When disposable diapers are used, soiled diapers must be disposed of immediately into an outside trash disposal, or placed in a tightly covered plastic-lined trash can in an area inaccessible to children until outdoor disposal is possible.


        (2) Non-disposable diapers must not be laundered in the child day care center, and must be stored in a securely 

        covered receptacle until returned to the diaper service. When parents provide non-disposable diapers, soiled diapers must be placed in a securely tied plastic bag and returned to the parent at the end of the day.

*Note that the highlighted words pertain to parents who supply and launder their own cloth diapers.

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