Choose the consultation style that works for you:

                        •family consultation 
                            +choose the cloth diaper products that meet your baby's and your family's needs

                        •diaper party!!!
                            +throw a fun & educational party at your home for 3 or more guests interested in learning about cloth diapers
                        •baby registry preparation
                            +build your cloth diaper registry
                                     +add any other natural baby products & potty training items to your registry
                                     +you are not limited to only cloth diapers, as the site that you register with is quite diverse

                        •professional teaching session
                            +register for a fun & educational professional session at a local store or business 
                                      +if you are a local store or business, call us to set up a free class for interested families 

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 What do the consultations/diaper parties/classes provide?
        We provide fun & educational consultations that include:

                       •answers to your questions regarding cloth diapering 
                       teaching you a sanitary & effective way to launder cloth diapers at home
                        •comparisons between paper diapering & cloth diapering 

                        •the history of paper & cloth diapers
                        •connecting you to a carefully selected shopping website

                        •suggested product shopping lists

                        •hands-on demonstrations (Meet our cloth diaper models!) with cloth diapers, covers & accessories

                        • hand outs

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