Clear Life

Note: This session is open for a total of 30 people to ensure 
individual attention and optimal meet up and class sizes.    

Who are the people in "Clear Life"?

These are regular people seeking lives of awareness and change.  They share their journeys and what works and what doesn't.  The try new things.  They suggest new things.  They are pretty cool.  They are men and women, moms and dads, college students and retirees.  They accept their imperfections, and yours.  They make the best choices they can.  They don't believe everything they hear or read.  They try their best.  They look for ways to progress their lives, at any age.  They are YOU.
As Clear Life members, each month we explore life choices in WNY with the intention to de-cloud an aspect of our lives.  
We seek a Clear Life.
With natural and holistic choices in mind, we learn to... 
Clear our body.  
Clear our mind.  
Clear our energy.   
We live strong, healthy and inspired lives. 
We learn more about our healthy holistic community, nation, and the world via books, movies, meet ups and the internet.  (If you can travel or come from a different place that WNY, feel free to share your experiences regarding health and life style choices.)  
We connect with the holistic places and faces that WNY has to offer, and integrate them into our lives.

What Journey are we on, in "Clear Life"? 

If you seek to become aware of holistic choices coupled with local resources, well being, non-obvious toxins, foods, awareness of cultural mainstream choices, documented research, supportive web pages, physical strength, mental strength, immune strength, living well, personal detoxing, local holistic professionals and services, baby's beginning health builders, pet health, and more.........then you have found your starting point in this 13 month journey.  The extra month is a time to reflect on your 2014 journey and to make a plan for your future with your new found resources, knowledge, and life style choices.  You will have the tools to choose to live a Clear Life.

This is an ongoing, real time, guided social meet up group, coupled with social media, designed to present simple changes 

you can make, to improve you or your family's well being and self perceptions.  

You choose your level of involvement, as well.  Not all meet ups and event are mandatory.

Various options are presented so you can follow the level of involvment that feels best for you or that you have time for.

If you have young children, you never need a babysitter, as all sessions are kid friendly.

Join and enjoy this 13 month guided ongoing experience called "Clear Life".  Each month we focus on an "aspect of living" choice.  The monthly themes present various levels of participation.  You can participate in all or some of the options.  Monthly options include: movies to see, books to read, websites to visit, classes to take, online links to view, practitioners to make appointments with, products to buy, meetings to attend, finding quality time to carve out of your busy schedule, discussions to have, things to let go of, things to grap on to, ways to make holistic choices in a non-holistic culture, and more.   You only participate in what you have time for!  

Options of involvement from least involvement to greatest involvement resemble this:

Level 1 involvement ~ "AT HOME":

•Read the facebook posts, articles, and suggested books

•Join in or listen to the conversations at meet ups, classes and/or on facebook

•Watch suggested movies from a large list of movies and documentaries 

•Reading suggested books and sharing your critiques

    Level 2 involvement ~ "GETTING OUT THERE":

    •Attend our group meet ups

    •Watch suggested movies with others both in or not in this group

    •Register for suggested classes with practitioners and experts in WNY

        Level 3 involvement ~ "CHANGE YOUR CHOICES":

        •Participate in eating or trying healthy foods

        •Participate in suggested hoistic mind, body, or energy classes

        •Purchase new suggested products and/or purchase new products to replace old ones

We will read about and discuss exciting life style choices.  You will be provided with recommendations for local group classes led by local professionals in WNY.  Also, information is provided to seek a wide variety of professional practitioners in WNY, if you choose to connect with one.  You choose to participate to the level you are able or interested in during each month's theme.

Please know that there is an optional financial aspect to many of these choices.  When there is an opportunity for the group to receive a class or event discount, your Clear Life guide will arrange for this.  Know that this journey is best taken with it in mind that you will be active in clearing your life from negative aspects and replacing them with positive ones.  Any transformation, be it for your body, mind, or energy, is best to be slow and steady, hence the 13 month connection to this experience.  Chime in to our private facebook group whenever YOU can, during each month.  If you are busy, you can skip a month and go back and read what we did and what we discussed, at your convenience.

As a participant, try to chime in on the monthly themed posts to read what we are focusing on, share experiences, suggest ideas, and ask questions.  You build your own experience by choosing the best options for yourself and/or your family.  Each month has a different focus with various levels to choose from depending on how involved you would like to be.  If you decide to only read along, you will be expanding your awareness of the choices around you, which is a "clearing life" change in itself. 

If you have a friend that wants to follow you on this journey but can not join the group, feel free to share the information.  Your friend is not eligible for any class discounts that we encounter, though.  If there is room in a local class, they can pay the regular price, but members get first seats and a discount.  If you friend follows along and decided to join late, the cost is the same as if they joined on time.  

Clear your mind, your house, your body, boost your natural energy, support your family's well being and have fun along the way finding holistic choices all around WNY.  As a group, you talk, meet, post, ask questions, make suggestions, and become aware of holistic places and faces.  Enjoy what WNY has to offer.  It is a "Clear Life" we seek, here!

Where will we be in WNY? 
First and foremost, you will be in your home, at work, and where ever you frequent!  
Clear Life is about YOUR life, what you do, and where you choose to be.  
Use our private facebook group for ongoing themes, meet ups, classes, sessions, readings, movies, etc.
Clear Life gives you the opportunity to meet with the rest of the group, attend classes or sessions with local practioners or seek practitioners that coincide with your interests.  
This journey also guides you on your 2014 endeavors and keeps you active with a new theme, each month.  We do the work, you enjoy the holistic information and events as you choose to!

As the New Year progresses, classes and sessions will be booked at discounted rates with:

•Rising Sun Yoga in Williamsville (meditation, yoga, drumming, and more)

•Feng Shui Your World, TBA locations (Energy flow related to your life situations)

•Tatiana Amico, Health Coach, meeting in Grocery Stores all around WNY (Healthy food shopping and preparations and more)

•Justine Tutuska of Body Mind Essentials (massage and essential oils, nationally certified), meeting in Amherst or Buffalo locations)

•Tammy Bialek-Lehrer of Inner Balance Chiropractic in Amherst and Orchard Park (Immune boosting options)

•Baby Bongos, TBA locations (cloth diaper and potty training classes)

•Personal Trainer, Beach Body (Using a DVD of your choice to train at home with guided support)

•Donna Nichter of Compassionate Communications (related to the nationally used book, Non Violent Communication, applicable from families to the work place to national negotiations)

Other practitioners of interest to this group can be scheduled along the journey.  

When do we begin Clear Life? 
As soon as you register!
The official start date is January 1st, 2014.
Be sure to include your facebook name when  you register, below.  
Then message Mary Jo Giufre via facebook that you registered and are ready to be added to the private fb group.
You will receive the fb group link in your fb messages.  Request to join.  You will be added.
Begin your journey by reading the FILE that outlines the themes for each month. (Or don't read it if you want to be surprised!)

As the New Year rolls in, the themes begin!  You can participate at the level you choose.  Enjoy!

Why is Clear Life in existence?
Clear Life exists as an avenue for those seeking a more holistic life style but do not have them time or the energy to figure out how to begin.
Clear Life an easy way to get information and seek the places and faces of holistic living in WNY without being overwhelmed or confused about all the choices.  
Consider Clear Life your first step to seeing WNY with a holistic eye.  
Once the 13 months come to a close, you will have many tools to continue your journey on making holistic choices for you and/or your family.  
The most important thing to do is to enjoy the journey and not worry about the outcome.

Clear Life is an ever evolving work in progress, as the members guide the momentum 
while guides supply the inspirations, places, and faces to choose from.

This 13 month Journey is a one time, non refundable, $200 registration fee.  
That is about $15.39 per month for ongoing support and guidance for ALL of  2014 and an extra month in 2015.  
Foresee the accomplishments you will have completed for both you and your family after 13 months....Ahhhhh!  

All WNY classes or sessions that are suggested at a discounted price are not included in the registration fee.
The practitioners listed in "Where will we be in WNY?" will offer classes or sessions at a Clear Life discount.
Your Clear Life guide arranges these classes or sessions at the discounted rate, just for you, not for the general public.
The facebook group will be configured as PRIVATE, once all members are added.

You must have a facebook account to participate.  Make one quick, if you need to!
The themes, articles, movies, ideas, meet ups,  practitioners, classes, etc, will be dispersed via our private fb group.
You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
Clearly, this is to enjoy!



You can participate as "individual" or as "group oriented" as you wish by reaading and/or participating in our private fb group.  
This journey provides for all levels of involvement to ensure you enjoy your journey in your comfort zone.

Why is Clear Life in existence?What does the NEW YEAR have in store?
Topics preview........ 
(Subject to morphing, according the the interests of the group.)

NOTE: Every month has 3 levels of suggestions to participate in. 
Choose according to your lifestyle....single, pets, kids, gardener, family, travelor, home body, busy all the time, etc.

There are things to do at home, in the community, at classes, at parks, at libraries, on kindles, on airplanes, in cars, all sorts of options for each month for every kind of person. Babies to Seniors! 

Social Media, Movies, Books, meet-ups, classes, talks, presentations, shopping online or in stores, online articles, local places, local practitioners, local events, you name it! I'll have it on the options list for you to experience! Go alone or with others in the Clear Life group.

So excited to do all of this with you! 



And the ball drops........Welcome 2014! 
•The Present time, the New Year ahead, your Outlook, your state of health!

Baby, it's cooold outside! Do I want to go out there?
•Movies, Awareness from within your warm home

The weather is transitioning to the new season...
•Affirmations, Gratitude, Emptying the Mind

Prepare for your summertime!

Spring is in the air, and the flowers and the trees... 
•Personal and/or pet detox to energize

The weather is beautiful, and so are you : )
•Cosmetic/hygiene/body products for men and women and children


In the midst of the hot days of a Buffalo Summer 
•Kitchen Appliances, cookware, cups. plates, etc

Cleaning up summer time by the end of the month!
•Laundry, clothes, products

Get ready, set, GO TO FALL!
•Immunity boosting

A Halloween "Boo!" and let Fall what may... 
•Group of 30 members votes on this theme : )

Welcome the Harvest of your Hard Work from all year long.
•Balance your body with your mind

Snuggle in to winter and relax
•Remedy preparedness for the cold season and beyond

January 2015
Another year to start A-New! Reflect, relax, enjoy your new awarenesses. Enjoy your new found connections to the holistic families and practitioners in WNY. Continue your journey at your leisure, but know you have support all around. Use technology to connect with people, places, and services. Choose your interests and pursue them slowly but surely. You made it! You are new in the new year : )
•Technology (Electro magnetic waves)