Registration & Descriptions / July 2013

Potty Training-A Debriefing  
July 17, 2013
     So many ways to potty train!  So many books to read!  So many videos to watch!  What will you do?  Bring any books or DVD's you already have.  If you are in the middle of potty training, no worries.......we have a potty seat!

     Facilitator:  Mary Jo Giufre of Baby Bongos

                Time:  6:00pm-7:00pm and more question/discussion time until 7:30pm
                Date:  July 17, 2013
                Location: Rising Sun Yoga
                Cost: $10.00 per adult,  $16 for both parents

                Description:  Talk about your ideas for potty training and learn about other's successes.  Guest parents and Baby Bongos owner Mary Jo share their childrens' potty training experiences as well as home-to-daycare strategies.  We also discuss the effects of cloth vs disposable diapers, cloth vs disposable training pants, when to begin to use underwear, cloth vs disposable swimmies, potty chair vs potty seat, and overnight training.   We have a potty seat incase anyone needs to use it!

Bring your child!  Join our own potty training fb group for follow up discussions or to follow other's live potty training up dates...or to document your own experience.   

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Vaccination Discussion Session 2:  Supporting the Immune System  
July 29, 2013
     Join Dr. Bialek-Lehrer of Inner Balance Chiropractic  for an informative talk and discussion regarding vaccinations and the immune system.  

     Facilitator: Dr. Bialek-Lehrer 

                Time:  6:15pm-7:15pm, discussion time extended as needed
                Date:  July 29th, 2013
                Location: Inner Balance Chiropractic, Amherst
                Cost: $6 per adult

  Description:  There is much to read about and surf the web for, regarding alternative vaccination schedules and vaccination choices.  The mandates vary from state to state, as well.  There are times to vaccinate and times when you may want to wait.  The ultimate decision is between you and your child's pediatric doctor.
Attending this discussion, one of many offered in a year long series with various doctors and various opinions, can continue your journey of parent-based research and inquiries regarding how and when to vaccinate your child or even asking if you want to vaccinate your child.  And if you choose an alternative path, what can you do to build your child's immune system and health?

Learning to support your child's immune system, whether vaccinated or not is a very important life long skill.  Building a strong immune system early on helps the child to maintain his/her health through  childhood, adulthood and into their later years.  What we do for our children in the spring of their lives also effects them  in the winter of their lives........same with us!  There is no better time than the present to recognize how we treat our immune systems, a gift to keep us healthy, happy and strong.

Each of the States in the US have different exemption laws, and each country on Earth has different suggested and/or mandatory vaccination schedules.  How do we know who is right?  How do we know the healthiest choices when so many schools of thought exist?  Choosing a pediatrician that you trust and educating yourself are both important steps to supporting your family's health choices. 

Join our 2013 discussion journey as we take the time to offer sessions guided by health and wellness supporter, Dr. Bialek-Lehrer.  You may jump in at any time.  The series repeats itself in the new year.

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