Registration & Descriptions / February 2013

Vaccination Discussion, Session 1:  Making an Informed Decision  
Date Pending!
     Join Dr. Bialek-Lehrer of Inner Balance Chiropractic for her informative talk and discussion regarding vaccinations.  
     Facilitator: Dr. Bialek-Lehrer 

                Time:  11:00pm-12:30pm
                Date:  pending
                Location: Baby Bongos mini-shop
                Cost: $12.00

  Description:  There is much to read about and surf the web for, regarding alternative vaccination schedules and vaccination choices.  There are times to vaccinate and times when you may want to wait.  The ultimate decision is between you and your child's pediatric doctor.
Attending this discussion, one of many offered in a year long series with various doctors and various opinions, can begin your journey of parent-based research and inquiries regarding how and when to vaccinate your child or even asking if you want to vaccinate your child.  

Each of the States in the US have different exemption laws, and each country on Earth has different suggested and/or mandatory vaccination schedules.  How do we know who is right?  How do we know the healthiest choices when so many schools of thought exist?  Choosing a pediatrician that you trust is the first step to educating yourself and your family.  

Join our 2013 discussion journey as we take the time to offer sessions guided by health and wellness supporters in WNY.  

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Circumcision Discussion  
February 9, 2013  
                Time:  1pm-2:30pm, discussion time available after
                Date:  February 9, 2013
                Location: Baby Bongos mini-shop
                Cost: $6.00 to REGISTER.  $12.00 cash or check at the door.

Did you know circumcision is an option?  Join Tara Whithey, Mother, Doula and Christian Child birth educator for her circumcision discussion.
     Facilitator:  Tara Whithey of Birthing by Design


Have you ever questioned circumcision and what its purpose is?  Why do we do this?  Which cultures circumcise? Let Tara take you an an informative journey to visit the myths and facts of circumcision.

What is the foreskin and what is its function?
How is circumcision performed?
What are the risks and benefits of circumcision?
How do you care for the intact penis?
A moms personal testimony: From circumcision to intactivism
Short video of an actual circumcision.

Leave with a better understanding and knowledge circumcision and some of its history, as well.  Hand outs included.  Bring a pen if you are a note taker!

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