Registration & Description / January 2013

Cloth Diaper Class  
January 12, 2013  
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                Time:  2:30pm-3:30pm
                Date:  January 14, 2012
                Location: Baby Bongos mini-shop
                Cost: Free  
                Optional Donation:  If you are financically able, consider a Paypal donation to support free cloth diaper
                classes for WNY families.
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Potty Training-A Debriefing  
January 23, 2013
     So many ways to potty train!  So many books to read!  So many videos to watch!  What will you do?  Bring any books or DVD's you already have.  If you are in the middle of potty training, no worries.......we have a potty seat!

     Facilitator:  Mary Jo Giufre of Baby Bongos

                Time:  6:00pm-7:00pm and more question/discussion time until 7:30pm
                Date:  January 23, 2013
                Location: Baby Bongos mini-shop
                Cost: $10.00 per adult,  $16 for both parents

                Description:  Talk about your ideas for potty training and learn about other's successes.  Baby Bongos owner Mary Jo shares her children's potty training experiences and her home-to-daycare strategies.  We also discuss the effects of cloth vs disposable diapers, cloth vs disposable training pants, when to begin to use underwear, cloth vs disposable swimmies, potty chair vs potty seat, and overnight training.   We have a potty seat at Baby Bongos incase anyone needs to use it. 

Bring your child!  Join our own potty training fb group for follow up discussions or to follow other's live potty training up dates...or to document your own experience.   

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