Registration & Descriptions / November 2011


11-4-2011:   Swap'n'Sell Fundraiser
11-11-2011:  Swap'n'Sell Fundraiser-SECOND CHANCE SALE!
11-11-2011:  Sewing Your Baby's Diapers
11-12-2011:  Cloth Diaper Class (Williamsville Location)

November Details below...

November 4th, 2011: 5-7 pm
November 11th, 2011: 10-NOON pm - SECOND CHANCE SALE!
     Join in on the Buffalo Family Kids Swap'n'Sell event at the Baby Bongos mini-shop to recycle gently
    used clothes, toys, strollers, etc, back into the community.  It's a used items sale and you can bring
    something or many things to sell or swap.  There will be items at the Baby Bongos mini-shop for you
    to shop through.  
    The theme is anything Infant-5T.

    Some Pics of items.  See all pics on our facebook page.

    50% of your purchase goes toward our local GREAT CLOTH DIAPER CHANGE event hosted by 
    Rolly Pollies of Amherst.  April 21st, 2012.
     Local Supporting Participants:  
Rolly Pollies (The first 20 families receive a Rolly Pollies special coupon!)

                Time:  5-7pm
                Date:  November 4, 2011
                Location: Baby Bongos mini-shop
                Donation: Minimum $1.00 donation per family for the GREAT CLOTH DIAPER CHANGE
                Description: Shop for gently used items at the Baby Bongos mini-shop or meet up with someone
                 from Buffalo Family Kids Swap'n'Sell to ....... Swap or Sell!

                Email Mary Jo at:
                Place in the subject line: FUNDRAISER EVENT
                Include the following information in your email:
                1.    Name
                2.    Phone number
                3.    Email address
                4.    Are you bringing something to sell?   Yes/No  (Bringing something is NOT required.)

                Note: *Please note that if you are selling items, you need not donate 50% of your sale.  Only the
                items purchased from the Baby Bongos mini-shop will be donating 50%.  You take home 100% of
                your own sales and add a minimum donation of $1 to the donation box.  Thank you.
                If you read this the DAY OF the event, no need to worry about the RSVP, just show up!

Sewing Series
November 11, 2011
     Watch our calendar as we fill each month with another sewing class for both avid and beginning
      A wool class and a repairs class are in the making!
     For more sewing information, shopping resources and feedback from local moms, join 
     Instructor:  Kim Pero of DotTy Dipes

                Time:  11am-2pm
                Date:  Novmeber 11, 2011
                Location: Baby Bongos mini-shop
                Cost: $28.00   

                Description: Join Kim and a small group (4- 8) of sewing moms to learn how to create cloth
                diapers and covers.  Choose from pocket, all in one, prefold with cover or just covers.  
                A material kit with PUL,  suedecloth, touchtape, elastic and a pattern of your choice is provided.
                You may bring your own material, as well.  

                You will walk away from class with a pattern or two and the skills to make your own diapers.
                 Also, you will have suggestions on what materials to purchase and where to purchase them. 
                 Kim has tried many different kinds of materials, including the new line a JoAnn Fabrics.  She is
                a wonderful resource for WNY sewing moms.  Making your own diapers is quite a money saver.
                And you get to choose your own prints and fabrics, to go with your baby's personality.

                Bring the following to class:
                Portable Sewing Machine (We have 2 at the shop.  Call 860-1488 to reserve for free.)
                Ball point needles for machine
                100% Poly Thread (Geuterman is a suggested brand)
                Empty bobbin or one filled with 100% Poly
                Washable Marker  

                Use the paypal button, above, first.
                Then Email Kim at: by November 9th, 2011.
                Place in the subject line: CLOTH DIAPER SEWING CLASS
                Include the following information in your email:
                1.    Name
                2.    Phone number
                3.    Email address
                4.    Choose 1 kit:   
                        •1 pocket 
                        •1 all-in-one
                        •1 prefold & 1 cover
                        •2 covers
                We are "working out the kinks" and want to be sure to get the right info from you.  Thank you
                 for paying and then sending us your information in advance.

                Note:  Depending on the amount and sewing skills of the moms attending, class can be from 
                2-4 hours.  Bring snacks to share and a drink for yourself : )  OR  you can bring money for a
                Panera Bread order we will be calling in at 12:30pm.  Bring your pump if need be.  Children
                are always welcome.  We have clean toys to play with and a pack n play for any sleepers.

Cloth Diaper Class  
November 12, 2011
                This class is at our Northtown satellite location in Williamsville.  
                Click here for details:  Rising Sun Yoga