Registration & Descriptions / December 2011


12-7-2011:     Gestational Diabetes Support Group
12-9-2011:     Nasal Night Club 
12-10-2011:   Cloth Diaper Class (Williamsville Location)

Gestational Diabetes Support Group  
December 7, 2011
                Bring your diet plan, your favorite reference books, websites, recipes, names of favorite foods and/or brands of food you favor.  Also, share your exercises and anything else you find helpful along the way.   If you are at the "I don't know what to do and I am overwhelmed!" stage, this is the group to be with for an hour.   We will share how we worked with diabetes while pregnant.......and some of us may still be diabetic after delivery or just "at risk" for late onset.  We'll talk about it all and share practical healthy habits and routines.  We also have a private facebook group.   See you soon : )

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Nasal Night Club  
December 9, 2011
                Do you have a neti-pot?  Do you want to have a neti-pot?  Do you not know what a neti-pot is?  Here is your
                chance to join the club and use it, or learn how to use it, or just learn what it is for the first time you come to
                Nasal Night Club!  It is a family event, so bring your children.  There is a neti-pot alternative for little noses!
                Neti Pot Definition: The neti pot is a small pot used for irrigating the nasal passages.  
                Sounds delightful, huh?  Well, I would say that the results are delightful, maybe not the actual action of 
                irrigating.  This process of cleaning out your nasal passages is beneficial for preventing or relieving allergies,
                congestions, common head cold, and nasal irritants.  
                There are many styles and brands of neti-pots.  Click here to see a variety.                                             
                My favorite style is the ceramic.  Click here for ceramic style.
                Here is a description.  Click her for description.
                Interested in irrigating your child's nose?  Click here for neti alternatives for kids.
                What to bring to the Nasal Night Club:
                •Neti-pot (Find online, at Wegmans, drug stores, Himalayan Institute in Buffalo)
                •If you have a baby or toddler interested in this Night Club (no age requirements here!), find a baby/toddler
                 nasal saline spray at a grocery or drug store.  My 5 year old son will demonstrate this spray.  

                Time:  6:00pm-7:00pm
                Date:  December 9, 2011
                Location: Baby Bongos mini-shop
                Cost: $8.00 (Follow up Nasal Night Clubs are free!)
                Nasal Night Club Group:  Keep your nose in-the-know with the Nasal Night Club  facebook group. 
                 Join after you attend Nasal Night Club to share your neti-ing experiences, if you are common cold free this
                season, interesting neti-pot links, etc.  

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Cloth Diaper Class  
December 10, 2011
                This class is at our Northtown satellite location in Williamsville.  
                Click here for details:  Rising Sun Yoga

                Time:  2:30pm-3:30pm
                Date:  December 10, 2011
                Location: Rising Sun Yoga
                Cost: Free