Description & Registration / October 2012

10-13-2012:      Free Cloth Diaper Class (Williamsville Location)
10-20-2012:     Baby Bump Fall Painting Event
10-23-2012:     Learn to Massage your Baby for Health, Wellness, Sleep, and
                             Bonding.  (4 week session)

Babies need for a baby sitter.  We have a shoes-off policy and toys for the little ones, a changing table and a potty seat.  You may bring food, too!  Treat us like home.....with an expert class running in the living room.

Baby Bump Fall Painting Event  
October 20th, 2012
Have you had your baby bump painted?  Choose a Fall theme or make up your own theme.  Bring a picture or just describe your idea.  Gillian can paint anything for you!

     Artist: Gillian Dusel

                Time:  11:00pm-2:00pm
                Date:  October 20th, 2012
                Location: Baby Bongos 
                Cost:  $6.00 Registration saves your spot/$30.00 cash or check at door  

Join artist Gillian for this artistic event to create an original and unique keepsake of your baby bump.  Register to enjoy a custom baby bump painting, professional photograph of your artwork and some food and drink.  Babies always welcome and can be included in your baby bump photograph.  
               Contact Gillian at or 716-861-8718 to schedule your specific time slot

Professional photographer, Michelle Day will be on sight for this event.  Keepsake pictures can purchased at a great discounted price!  See Michelle's work here:

See you in the Fall!


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Infant Massage  
October 23, 30, November6,13, 2012
     Learn how to massage your baby into relaxation and peacefulness.........which, in turn, does the same
     for Mom or Dad!  Relaxation and peacefulness for the whole family, really?  Really.

     Instructor:  Justine Tutuska of Body-Mind Essentials

                Time:  5pm-6:15pm
                Date:  October 23, 30, November 6, 13, 2012
                Location: Baby Bongos 
                Cost: $60.00   

                Description:  Learn to embrace and celebrate the benefits of nurturing touch with certified instructor, Justine.  You will walk away from her 4 week session with the know-how to massage your baby into comfort.  Full body infant massage relieves digestive distress and colic and also supports bonding, attachment and a restful sleep for baby........which means everyone gets a restful sleep.  Justine's group sessions provide a sharing and caring environment among local families.   It's always good to hear how the other families are progressing during these 4 weeks of learning infant massage.  

Class is designed not only for parents but also for grandparents and caregivers. 

Infants ages 6 weeks-crawling are best for learning and using this technique.  If you are pregnant,  you may use a special infant doll provided by Justine.  This massage technique can be applied to to toddlers, as well.  If you think your toddler would benefit, please attend!  Course materials and organic massage oil are provided.

                Bring the following to class:
                Bring a soft, thick blanket or a blanket to fold for thickness. 

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                $15.00 to register, ASAP.
                $45.00 balance by October 21st or before.  $45 BUTTON still on the way!  Check back.