2012 Class Titles

Babies welcome.....no need for a baby sitter.  We have a shoes-off policy and toys for the little ones, a changing table and a potty seat.  You may bring food, too!  Treat us like home.....with an expert class running in the living room.

1-7-2012:      Sewing Your Baby's Diapers
1-10-2012:    Infant Massage, Tuesdays, 4 weeks
1-14-2012:    FREE Cloth Diaper Class 
1-21-2012:    Vaccination Discussion, Session 1
1-24-2012:    Family Essential Oils
1-28-2012:    Swap'n'Sell facetoface fundraiser

2-4-2012:    Baby Wearing support group
2-11-2012:    FREE Cloth Diaper Class at Rising Sun Yoga in Williamsville
2-15-2012:   FREE Diaper Circle Gathering at Life Cycles Center, City of Buffalo
2-18-2012:   Nurturing your Newborn
2-18-2012:   FREE Chiropractic Talk - The seemingly endless and surprising benefits for kids
2-21-2012:   Home Remedies and Preventative Health Maintenance for the whole family
2-25-2012:   Feng Shui for Baby's Room

3-3-2012:      Reiki Talk
3-10-2012:    Food from the Start: Infant & Toddler Nutrition for a lifetime
3-10-2012:    FREE cloth diaper class at the Baby Bongos mini-shop
3-31-2012:    Understanding Quantum Touch

4-5-2012:      Social hour with Breast Friends of WNY
4-7-2012:      FREE Cloth Diaper Class at Rising Sun Yoga
4-14-2012:    Family Dynamic Astrology
4-24-2012:    Baby Massage (4 week session-note date change for first class)
4-21-2012:    The Great Cloth Diaper Change (A FREE Global Event with a location in WNY)
4-28-2012:    Baby Bump Painting Party!  (FREE)

5-5-2012:       Nurturing your Newborn
5-5-2012:       Your Very Best Birth 
5-12-2012:     FREE Cloth Diaper Class at Baby Bongos
5-12-2012:     Family Essential Oils-leave with a homemade product  
5-19-2012:    Sewing Cloth Diapers

6-2-2012:      Reflexology for your Family-free demo for each family member
6-2-2012:     Vaccination Discussion, Session 2:  Supporting the Immune System 
6-9-2012:     FREE Cloth Diaper Class
6-9-2012:     Healthy Toddlers: Raw food recipes & interactive demos with tastings
6-12-2012:    Family Essential Oils-leave with a homemade product  
6-13-2012:    Mama Cloth: Sew your own!
6-26-2012:    Potty Training-A Debriefing

7-3-2012:      Mother to Mother Support Group.  Join the social scene.....in person!
7-10-2012:     Potty Training-A Debriefing 
7-14-2012:     FREE Cloth Diaper Class
7-28-2012:    Vaccination Discussion, Session 3: Religious Exemption


8-7-2012:     Mother to Mother Support Group.  Join the social scene.....in person!  Breast Friends of WNY
8-27-2012:     FREE Cloth Diaper Class 


 9-29-2012:     FREE Cloth Diaper Class 


 10-     -2012:      FREE Cloth Diaper Class 
10-20-2012:    Baby Bump Painting Party!


11-10-2012:    Sewing Cloth Diapers or Wet Bags
11-17-2012:    Vaccination Discussion, Session 4: Investigate before you Vaccinate
11-17-2012:    FREE Cloth Diaper Class 


12-8-2012:    Angels,  for your whole Family  o :]
12-12-2012:  Potty Training-A Debriefing
12-15-2012:  Mama Cloth for Uganda-Make-n-Take-n-GIVE!