Why is Baby Bongos here for you?

Welcome to Baby Bongos.  I am a local cloth diapering mom and her is how and why Baby Bongos was created for you...

hile pregnant with my first son I read books, visited websites and talked to my experienced mommy friends about raising a happy, healthy and strong baby.  Topics like.....birthing methods, doulas, healthy foods, effective sleeping schedules, vaccinations, formula vs breast milk, safety, car seats, strollers, time out, and yes, cloth diapering.  As I submerged myself into mommy-know-how-land, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.  

As for my cloth diapering interest...I did not find any experienced friends or colleauges to talk with.  It's quite the "paper generation" out there.  Though cloth diapering information was and still is easily available online, I was busy with my full-time job and the other millions of things that I wanted to plan for our new baby...such as how to turn a small office into a cozy and welcoming baby room.  Consequently, I never put enough time and effort into figuring out what type of cloth diaper was best for our son and for our budget.  I frivolously purchased 2 cloth diapers, each a different brand.  I stared at them on the shelf as I changed my son's disposble diapers day after day.  I ended up giving my 2 unused cloth diapers to a new neighbor a year and a half  later.   She was happy...and I was still "papering".   

While pregnant with my second son and now a seemingly an experienced mom,  I had time to look into cloth diapering products.   I researched the web, visited product and informational sites, compared prices and finally found quality, cost effective cloth diapers.  I also researched home laundering and found it remarkably easy and cost effective.  

Now knowing how easy, cost effective and fun cloth diapering can be, I am here to share my experience with you as your cloth diapering consultant.  We can start at square one or we can take what you already know and build on it.  Either way, I will save you time and money while you are busy ensuring that your new baby is happy and healthy and strong

What kind of business are we?

We are a family owned consulting business, serving the Western New York area.  We do not buy and sell cloth diapers and we do not have a store.  We connect you to our favorite cloth diapering website so that you can have a positive shopping experience, shopping discounts, and free shipping offers.  We promote, consult, and educate our customers about cloth diapers through 4 styles of FREE consultations.  Each purchase made via our shopping links gives back 5% to Western New York to support free cloth diaper classes in our community.  Thank you for shopping with us!
During each consultation we offer hands-on experience (meet our cloth diaper modelswith the cloth diapering products; answer your questions; frugal, streamlined shopping lists (You can choose not to be frugal if you would like!); continuous shopping discounts and free shipping offers; continuous consults during the diapering years; networking with other cloth diapering families;  sanitary and easy home laundering methods; help with building green baby registries or give you a sample list; fun sessions and partys for parents who are curious about cloth.   Join the fun, we're here to help!

...Oh yes...and now we teach potty training classes.  Go from cloth to undies, in a few days!  Really.

Our company name:

"Baby bongos.  Baby bongos.  Baby bongos."
  is what I sang to my first son when I patted his bummy pretending to play the drums.  It always made us laugh.  Now his younger brother (pictured on our home page) is entertained by my attempt at music on his cloth diapered bummy.  

What we believe:

Cloth diapering…

used to be here due to necessity,

 now it is back due to necessity.


We understand that saving money is a necessity for some during these difficult economic times.

We believe that many individuals, families & companies see the necessity to decrease our negative environmental impacts.  

Using cloth diapers is one way for families to "green up" their world while saving money.  

We need to be aware of how our everyday decisions from home to work to recreation change the earth we live on.    

Enjoy visiting our site