Potty Train Play Dates Classes!

Join the Potty Train Playdate Class!
July 21 and/or  23, 2015

So......you don't want to potty train, alone?  No problem.  Here is your chance to train with others for 2 summer days in July.  It's a potty party playdate!  The FIRST potty playdate in WNY history!

The regularly taught Potty Class is included in each session.  A supply list is provided on this event page so you can PREPARE before you are there!  All you do is show up with your potty ready child and the correct supplies and the rest is all fun and games!  Literally, we will be outside having fun and games :)

Attend 1 or ALL 4 sessions.  Prices vary depending on what you would like to.
July 21st 10am-11:30am and play date class through 1pm
July 23rd 10am-11:30am and play date class through 1pm

Attend all or one of the days for as long or short as you would like.

Your parental training is over a 3 day period.  Use these days as your first days of training!  The first 2 days are the most challenging for the parents.......the children are just having fun trying to learn to use the potty and do not know it is a challenge, but parents know it is a challenge :/ 

Potties are in a privacy screen tent.

•26 months to 36 months.  (If your child is a little younger or older, message Mary Jo to register!)
•Purchase and bring everything on the supply list.
•One or more adults welcome per child (parents, grandparents, babysitter, etc)

Registration is per child (not per adult):
•There will be a paypal link to register.
•You must take the class at your first session (unless you told the class with Mary Jo at an earlier date!)

•July 21st 10am-11:30am, Class for parents and toddlers (siblings welcome), 26 dollars
•July 21st 11:30am-1pm, Stay to play and potty train, 10 dollars

•July 23rd 10am-11:30am, Class for parents and toddlers (siblings welcome), 26 dollars
•July 23rd 10am-11:30, Come back to train (you took the class on Tuesday July 21), 10 dollars
•July 23rd 11:30am-1pm, Stay to play and potty train, 10 dollars

(Note: Regularly scheduled classes throughout the year are 26 dollars for 1.5 hours.  Parents train on their own time)

Mandatory Supply List:
•10 pairs of underwear or more
•Plastic garbage bag or diaper wetbag for soiled clothes
•Extra Clothes
•Optional: Swim suit and towel or lawn blanket (kiddie pool and sprinkler...this may not be the best option for all kiddos while training, but if it is a hot day, we may need some water play!)

•Wet wipes or homemade wet wipes
•Potty chair to place in the potty privacy tent (No music, lights, or noises on the potty chair. Please remove batteries or be sure to purchase a plain potty chair, as it is more effective for training.)
*See the Potty Chair Post for examples 
•Travel potty chair.
*See the TRAVEL Potty Chair Post for examples
•toy(s) for your child

•Snacks and lunch for child and family
•It is a playdate potty training weekend!
•Bring popsicles of your choice to store in my freezer.  The child needs a lot of liquids for training and because we will be outside in the nice weather. I recommend Edy's popsicles or homemade popsicles. 
ˆFeel free to bring anything to share, including food or toys, but it is NOT required at all!

•You are absolutely welcome to bring a playpen for a nap (if that works for your little one!) and a stroller for walks (if your little once like walks!).

•You do not have to stay for the full 4 hours session.  You should stay for a minimum of 2.5 hours, though.  There will be a half of an hour of instruction and then we go to interact instruction where you work with your child to use their potty.  Our bathroom is also open to use, of course!

•We have filtered water (reverse osmosis) all you can drink!
•Bring stickers as rewards.  No food rewards.  I will have a plain piece of paper with the child's name on it for sticker rewards.  Feel free to print a potty chart of your own and bring it, if you would like!